What is Search Engine Marketing?

Many people use the terms search engine marketing and search engine optimization interchangeably, but they are slightly different. While SEO tends to be more focused on strictly organic traffic, SEM usually includes paid methods of traffic generation as well, such as PPC, social media, and others.

To get a quick overview about what search engine marketing is, take a look at this helpful video.

How To Use Offline Marketing To Grow Your Internet Business

Online marketing has continued to dominate the world of business and has made offline marketing harder to be noticed. There are many businesses that have switched to online marketing and forgotten everything about offline marketing. There are many benefits that come with online marketing, but offline marketing is still a great option for promoting most businesses as well. Using both offline and online marketing techniques will help you maximize your marketing plan and continue growing your company.

One mistake that many people make is failing to consider offline marketing when coming up with their marketing strategy. The fact that online marketing is promising doesn’t mean you have to forget everything else.

The best way to do this is cross-promoting both offline and online marketing. Below are some of the most effective offline marketing ideas you can use to ensure you get the most out of your campaign. Remember, these can all be effective whether you are an existing or new business. Adding these ideas to your marketing plan will make a difference and you will love what you get if you execute properly.


There are many people out there who are eager to buy your product or service. The key is to make sure your product, service, and/or message is available to them often. That way, when they are ready to make their purchase, they are thinking about your company and how you can help.

While it takes awhile to build a solid network of friends and influencers, it’s never too late to begin networking. Remember to focus on the needs of others as you network. Learn about them and their problems. Listen to them when they’re talking to you. Fortune.com has a great article on the importance of networking.


Flyers have been around since forever. Many businesses have turned all their focus to online marketing and that might be your chance to make the best out of offline marketing. There will be a significant opening in your area to hand out, post, and kindly place the name of your business right in front of people. Learn about ways to make your fliers more attractive here.

While this may seem a little dramatic, you can consider hiring young, energetic people to stick the flyers in different places. There are many places you can place your flyers. It is a good idea to consider having the flyers in your local newspaper as well.

Business Cards

These are the real business cards and not the digital kind. This is a good option for the old school customer or business contact. There is something great about having a tangible business card with your name on it.

This type of marketing can pay indefinitely while spending less. Printing them is quite cheap and you can even do it yourself. Learn why business cards still matter and how you can more effectively utilize them as a marketing tactic.


Many organizations and institutions have been focusing on cost-cutting. This provides opportunities for business that want to grow. You can sponsor something like a cause that needs money. This will help expand your market reach. There are many different events you can sponsor within your community, provided you don’t go over the top when spending.

Local SEO

While this is a method developed online, it helps promote your company and generate awareness in your local area. When people are searching online and finding your company, chances are they’ll remember you when they need you. When researching, make sure to find an SEO company with rankings results. For example, a Chicagoland expert should have rankings in and around Chicago, Illinois.

Hopefully these tactics will help solidify your marketing strategy and help you build a stronger presence in your market for your business!