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Grilling the joy

Family or friendly dinners are one of the best ways to spend the evening. The cozy feeling of being
surrounded by the people you love and enjoy.
Interesting thing is that whoever cooks for that evening, can control
the atmosphere around the table. Food you provide can change the mood around
the table. A well-cooked dinner will make everyone more relaxed and joyful,
mess it up and the party will be over sooner then it took you to cook for it.
That is why I am going to show you a golden recipe, something simple yet enough
to mesmerize your guests.


Crack BBQ chicken


Many chefs from all over the world think that chicken
meat is one of the most tender and relaxing meat. It has the texture needed to
relax the mind and the appetite. The recipe you are about to see takes this to
completely new level, so get ready to charm your guests.

Here are the

  • 1)  1 lb.
    skinless, boneless chicken breasts
  • 2)  2 cups of
  • 3)  2 table spoon
    kosher salt
  • 4)  1/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 5)  1 cup of
    barbecue sauce
  • 6)  2 lime juice
  • 7)  2 minced
    clove garlic


As you can see, the ingredients are easy to get. We all know, how
frustrating it is, when you can’t find the ingredients that you need. However,
these ingredients should be available in any local market. Now, let’s cook
these and see the magic unveil in front of us

  • 1)  Put the
    chicken in a Ziploc container and pound it until you it 1/4 thick. Then in a
    mixing container, whisk together water, sugar and salt until combined. Now mix
    everything together and put it in the fridge for an hour
  • 2)  Take out the
    chicken from the mix and discard the rest
  • 3)  Heat the
    grill to medium, not too hot. Add chicken and season it with salt and pepper,
    then grill for six minutes per side
  • 4)  In a medium
    container whisk together lime juice, garlic and barbecue sauce. Baste chicken,
    flip occasionally, until caramelized and cooked beautifully.

A dish
like this will bring the best of the table and your cooking skills. Follow the
instructions and they will love it. One of the best-grilled meals. Easy to make
with unforgettable taste.


Grilled chicken has over the years served as a healthy basis
for many meals especially during summer. Preparing some grilled chicken for
lunch or dinner is an easy task. But once you are done, what do you prepare to
make it an even better meal? While grilled chicken can be served with many
sides, there are some that will give you the best meal. Here are foods and drinks that go well with
grilled chicken.


Roasted Broccoli


Roasting broccoli
makes it crunchy. It’s even better when garlic is added to it giving it some
garlicky goodness. You can as well add pepper or some lemon juice to add a
spicy taste to it.






Brown or wild rice when served with grilled chicken gives
you a low-calorie meal making it a great meal if you are working to lose


Vinegar and Crispy Salt Potatoes


Do you love
vinegar and salt potato chips? If yes, then this is definitely perfect for you.
Look for some potatoes and prepare these potato chips as per your desired taste.
Another side dish you can prepare for the chicken using potatoes is cheesy
grilled potato packet.






Some fruits will turn your grilled chicken into a nice
tropical treat. Melons, mangoes, apples and berries go well with grilled
chicken. You can choose to combine them into a fruit salad or serve them whole
and separately. You can as well have a tomato salad especially if you are
having grilled chicken breast.




The right choice of a drink will take your meal to the next


An ice cold beer goes well with your chicken when it’s right
off the grill. On the other hand wine gives your chicken an elegant finish. For
red wine go for chardonnay or sauvignon blanc and pinot noir or chianti in case
of red wine. Ice water, milk, low-fat yogurt, and lemonade are the best
non-alcoholic drinks for grilled chicken.

Find the Right Grill for Your Grilling Needs

As time goes by, it looks like the cookware is turning expensive, & purchasing one has become also perplexing. Even if product marketing & friend recommendations may make things become easy, it is also worth to understand some factors to assist you in the buying decision. In case you have been pondering on purchasing a grill, below are some factors to consider when you want to find the perfect grill.

What amount do you intend to spend

Price should be your number one consideration. Determine the range and the capacity so that you can make a decision of the amount you intend to spend prior to shopping. In case the price is not an issue for your case, then look for the premium quality grills. Additionally, there are various wonderful types of grills available in the market every year, therefore having an idea on the amount you intend to spend is going to assist you narrow down your search. When you are comparing the prices, check whether the brand that you have in your mind fits all your grill’s requirements. This might add some amount to the estimated budget; however, you are receiving what you paid for.

Which material do you want in your grill?

It is common that a grill that is made of a very good material goes at a higher price. In case you attempt to look from both the internet & stores, you will see the residential charcoal grills, stove top grills & gas grills which can run for high prices. There is just one reason for this, the material. In case you shop using a list of ideas for the material, you are going to quickly get a feeling of what is available out there.

Pick the proper size

A perfect barbecue begins with a perfect grill. Purchasing a bigger size though, is not always recommended when purchasing a grill. You are required to determine your grill’s size by the amount of food you intend to grill. Once you notice rows of grills when you are walking into a store, you will see that every brand claims to be the ideal choice, therefore start with the tips that you have prior to making your final decision. You also require considering the space that you are going to store the grill & the manner in which you are transporting your new cookware from the shop to your place of residence. Once you get the perfect grill that suits your needs, do not hesitate to purchase it.

Steps on How to Make a Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is a sandwich made on any bread
with one or more cheese varieties. It can be in the form of a wheat bread or flatbread.
This sandwich may include spreads like mayonnaise or butter. To make a perfect
grilled cheese, it will be a straightforward task when you have few simple
tools and essential ingredients. Not long, this outstanding cozy food will be
hot and ready to dunk into your favorite soup’s bowel. Here are steps on how to
make the sandwich.


Select your


To make a
grilled sandwich there are few ingredients that you’ll require and they include
butter, cheese and bread. You’ll need to pick a fresh artisan’s loaf of bread
in your local grocery store’s bakery to
get that extra tasty sandwich.
The rolls that hold up well especially when nicely crisped with butter
are Italian and sourdough bread. As for the cheese, it will depend on your liking.
The cheeses that can melt well are sharp cheddars, provolone, and muenster.


Make your


After you’ve
selected your ingredients, you can now
start making your sandwich. This would require placing the cheese between the
two bread’s slices. You’ll need to ensure there are three cheese slices in the sandwich.
After that, layer the cheese so that when it melts, it will be evenly scattered
between the bread.


Butter one
sandwich’s side and attach it to a hot skillet


You’ll first
need to heat a small skillet over a high, medium heat. After you’ve made your
sandwich, spread it evenly on one side of it, with a half tablespoon of soft
butter, this is to make sure the bread toast will smoothly become crispy. Into
the hot skillet, you’ll then need to add side down, the buttered sandwich. Cook
the sandwich for about two to three minutes.


Butter the
other sandwich’s side and flip


While the
first sandwich’s side is still cooking you may then add butter on its second
side. Spread evenly about a half tablespoon of soft butter over it just like
the first side. Cook the first sandwich’s for two to three minutes.


Overturn the


Using a
spatula, you’ll then have to overturn the sandwich to the buttered side. For
about two to three minutes, cook it on its second side.


Move your
sandwich now to a plate and enjoy


As soon as
both sides of the sandwich have finally cooked, get the sandwich out of the hot
skillet and move it to a plate. Ensure
you’ve removed the skillet from the heat source and turned off the stove. Piece
the sandwich if you want and relish it while it’s hot.

Grilled Chicken? Yes Please.

Nothing says summer better than grilled chicken. This is one delicacy which for sure will leave you with a super wet mouth. In your experience, you might have had the chance to sample grilled chicken in your area, and have even picked out your best joint. My question is, do you know how to perform that grilling magic? You might have tried grilling chicken at home and nobody appreciated the results, even you yourself. Well, today I’m here to teach you how to make this mouth-watering delicacy within your home. Trust me, it’s as easy as ABCs. The secret to grilling chicken, or any other meat in that case, lies in the grilling temperatures. Each meat has its own specific temperature margin for you to obtain juicy and tasty results.


1. 4 pounds of chicken
2. one tablespoon of paprika.
3. Brine (4 table spoons of table salt in four cups of water)
4. Olive oil.


2. A large bowl
3. A meat thermometer
4. Aluminum foil

The Grilling Process.

Cut chicken in two or three smaller parts. Now, put the brine in a bowl and put the chicken in the same bowl. Let the bowl sit in cool temperatures for an hour or so. This eliminates the need to add salt later. As you wait for the chicken to brine, prepare the grill. Allow one side to be cooler. After brining the chicken, allow it to dry then coat it with four spoons of olive oil. Carefully sprinkle paprika on the chicken pieces. Now the grill is ready and cooler on one side. Apply some olive oil on the grill to prevent the chicken from sticking on the hot metal parts. Place the chicken pieces on the hotter part of the oiled grill and allow the chicken to sit on the grill until grill marks appear. Chicken pieces will brown on the side facing the grill. At that point, place the chicken pieces on the cooler part of the grill with the browned part facing up. Allow the chicken to sit on the cooler end until they attain a temperature of 145-1500F. Remove the chicken pieces from the grill, cover them with aluminum foil and allow the pieces to sit for 15 minutes, where they will be cooking slowly. Your grilled chicken will now be ready.

How To Serve Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is best served with a nicely done side dish. Serve with light and easy broccoli salad or herbed smashed cucumber salad. On a nice summer picnic, a cold soft drink will put the sprinkles on the dish. So now with that knowledge nugget, don’t suffer the over grilled chicken again and don’t forget to surprise your family and friends with some nicely-grilled juicy chicken.

Top 10 Grilling Tips


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