Nothing says summer better than grilled chicken. This is one delicacy which for sure will leave you with a super wet mouth. In your experience, you might have had the chance to sample grilled chicken in your area, and have even picked out your best joint. My question is, do you know how to perform that grilling magic? You might have tried grilling chicken at home and nobody appreciated the results, even you yourself. Well, today I’m here to teach you how to make this mouth-watering delicacy within your home. Trust me, it’s as easy as ABCs. The secret to grilling chicken, or any other meat in that case, lies in the grilling temperatures. Each meat has its own specific temperature margin for you to obtain juicy and tasty results.


1. 4 pounds of chicken
2. one tablespoon of paprika.
3. Brine (4 table spoons of table salt in four cups of water)
4. Olive oil.


2. A large bowl
3. A meat thermometer
4. Aluminum foil

The Grilling Process.

Cut chicken in two or three smaller parts. Now, put the brine in a bowl and put the chicken in the same bowl. Let the bowl sit in cool temperatures for an hour or so. This eliminates the need to add salt later. As you wait for the chicken to brine, prepare the grill. Allow one side to be cooler. After brining the chicken, allow it to dry then coat it with four spoons of olive oil. Carefully sprinkle paprika on the chicken pieces. Now the grill is ready and cooler on one side. Apply some olive oil on the grill to prevent the chicken from sticking on the hot metal parts. Place the chicken pieces on the hotter part of the oiled grill and allow the chicken to sit on the grill until grill marks appear. Chicken pieces will brown on the side facing the grill. At that point, place the chicken pieces on the cooler part of the grill with the browned part facing up. Allow the chicken to sit on the cooler end until they attain a temperature of 145-1500F. Remove the chicken pieces from the grill, cover them with aluminum foil and allow the pieces to sit for 15 minutes, where they will be cooking slowly. Your grilled chicken will now be ready.

How To Serve Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is best served with a nicely done side dish. Serve with light and easy broccoli salad or herbed smashed cucumber salad. On a nice summer picnic, a cold soft drink will put the sprinkles on the dish. So now with that knowledge nugget, don’t suffer the over grilled chicken again and don’t forget to surprise your family and friends with some nicely-grilled juicy chicken.