Family or friendly dinners are one of the best ways to spend the evening. The cozy feeling of being
surrounded by the people you love and enjoy.
Interesting thing is that whoever cooks for that evening, can control
the atmosphere around the table. Food you provide can change the mood around
the table. A well-cooked dinner will make everyone more relaxed and joyful,
mess it up and the party will be over sooner then it took you to cook for it.
That is why I am going to show you a golden recipe, something simple yet enough
to mesmerize your guests.


Crack BBQ chicken


Many chefs from all over the world think that chicken
meat is one of the most tender and relaxing meat. It has the texture needed to
relax the mind and the appetite. The recipe you are about to see takes this to
completely new level, so get ready to charm your guests.

Here are the

  • 1)  1 lb.
    skinless, boneless chicken breasts
  • 2)  2 cups of
  • 3)  2 table spoon
    kosher salt
  • 4)  1/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 5)  1 cup of
    barbecue sauce
  • 6)  2 lime juice
  • 7)  2 minced
    clove garlic


As you can see, the ingredients are easy to get. We all know, how
frustrating it is, when you can’t find the ingredients that you need. However,
these ingredients should be available in any local market. Now, let’s cook
these and see the magic unveil in front of us

  • 1)  Put the
    chicken in a Ziploc container and pound it until you it 1/4 thick. Then in a
    mixing container, whisk together water, sugar and salt until combined. Now mix
    everything together and put it in the fridge for an hour
  • 2)  Take out the
    chicken from the mix and discard the rest
  • 3)  Heat the
    grill to medium, not too hot. Add chicken and season it with salt and pepper,
    then grill for six minutes per side
  • 4)  In a medium
    container whisk together lime juice, garlic and barbecue sauce. Baste chicken,
    flip occasionally, until caramelized and cooked beautifully.

A dish
like this will bring the best of the table and your cooking skills. Follow the
instructions and they will love it. One of the best-grilled meals. Easy to make
with unforgettable taste.