We all enjoy some steaks barbecued over an open flame. A charcoal grill comes in handy to prepare them. There are many brands of this type of equipment. A famous one is the Char Broil gas and charcoal grill. To use this piece of equipment effectively and safely, you need to assemble it properly. Here is how to assemble the top racks on a Char Broil dualĀ gas charcoal grill.


Before you begin to assemble the unit, make sure that you pick the right spot to place it. The grill should be in the outdoors and away from overhanging trees, branches or power lines. The ground under the grill should be level and stable too. There should not be any flammable items around it too. Secondly, ensure that the parts which you need to assemble the top racks on the char broil gas are available at hand for you. Look through the parts list to ensure that everything is there. Once you have prepared yourself as such, you can now assemble the top racks.

Install the burners

Look through the grill parts and identify the burners. After you do, pick them up and install these parts in the main control area of the Char Broil gas and charcoal grill. Make sure to inspect each burner before you install it. Ensure that it does not have any cracks or enlarged holes. Also, make sure that the burners are not corroded. When installing the burners, simply snap them into the control valves. After that, make sure to attach the automatic igniter to each burner. These provide the flame for barbecuing your meat.

Attach the top racks

Pick up the top racks of your Char Broil gas and charcoal grill for installation. Inspect the racks to identify their ideal upper surface. This allows you to insert them in the control area properly. Proceed to install the dual racks each on its own side. Make sure that they sit above the burners. This prevents your meat from coming into contact with them. In addition to that, ensure that the connectors for the racks fit properly with the control area. This creates a firm assembly.


The Char Broil dualĀ gas charcoal grill can help you to prepare barbecue steak effectively. For you to prepare delicious meals, it is important to install the top racks properly. The instructions to do this are indicated above. Ensure that you observe safety during the entire process.