How to assemble the top racks on char broil gas and charcoal grill

We all enjoy some steaks barbecued over an open flame. A charcoal grill comes in handy to prepare them. There are many brands of this type of equipment. A famous one is the Char Broil gas and charcoal grill. To use this piece of equipment effectively and safely, you need to assemble it properly. Here is how to assemble the top racks on a Char Broil dual gas charcoal grill.


Before you begin to assemble the unit, make sure that you pick the right spot to place it. The grill should be in the outdoors and away from overhanging trees, branches or power lines. The ground under the grill should be level and stable too. There should not be any flammable items around it too. Secondly, ensure that the parts which you need to assemble the top racks on the char broil gas are available at hand for you. Look through the parts list to ensure that everything is there. Once you have prepared yourself as such, you can now assemble the top racks.

Install the burners

Look through the grill parts and identify the burners. After you do, pick them up and install these parts in the main control area of the Char Broil gas and charcoal grill. Make sure to inspect each burner before you install it. Ensure that it does not have any cracks or enlarged holes. Also, make sure that the burners are not corroded. When installing the burners, simply snap them into the control valves. After that, make sure to attach the automatic igniter to each burner. These provide the flame for barbecuing your meat.

Attach the top racks

Pick up the top racks of your Char Broil gas and charcoal grill for installation. Inspect the racks to identify their ideal upper surface. This allows you to insert them in the control area properly. Proceed to install the dual racks each on its own side. Make sure that they sit above the burners. This prevents your meat from coming into contact with them. In addition to that, ensure that the connectors for the racks fit properly with the control area. This creates a firm assembly.


The Char Broil dual gas charcoal grill can help you to prepare barbecue steak effectively. For you to prepare delicious meals, it is important to install the top racks properly. The instructions to do this are indicated above. Ensure that you observe safety during the entire process.


Grilled chicken has over the years served as a healthy basis
for many meals especially during summer. Preparing some grilled chicken for
lunch or dinner is an easy task. But once you are done, what do you prepare to
make it an even better meal? While grilled chicken can be served with many
sides, there are some that will give you the best meal. Here are foods and drinks that go well with
grilled chicken.


Roasted Broccoli


Roasting broccoli
makes it crunchy. It’s even better when garlic is added to it giving it some
garlicky goodness. You can as well add pepper or some lemon juice to add a
spicy taste to it.






Brown or wild rice when served with grilled chicken gives
you a low-calorie meal making it a great meal if you are working to lose


Vinegar and Crispy Salt Potatoes


Do you love
vinegar and salt potato chips? If yes, then this is definitely perfect for you.
Look for some potatoes and prepare these potato chips as per your desired taste.
Another side dish you can prepare for the chicken using potatoes is cheesy
grilled potato packet.






Some fruits will turn your grilled chicken into a nice
tropical treat. Melons, mangoes, apples and berries go well with grilled
chicken. You can choose to combine them into a fruit salad or serve them whole
and separately. You can as well have a tomato salad especially if you are
having grilled chicken breast.




The right choice of a drink will take your meal to the next


An ice cold beer goes well with your chicken when it’s right
off the grill. On the other hand wine gives your chicken an elegant finish. For
red wine go for chardonnay or sauvignon blanc and pinot noir or chianti in case
of red wine. Ice water, milk, low-fat yogurt, and lemonade are the best
non-alcoholic drinks for grilled chicken.

Find the Right Grill for Your Grilling Needs

As time goes by, it looks like the cookware is turning expensive, & purchasing one has become also perplexing. Even if product marketing & friend recommendations may make things become easy, it is also worth to understand some factors to assist you in the buying decision. In case you have been pondering on purchasing a grill, below are some factors to consider when you want to find the perfect grill.

What amount do you intend to spend

Price should be your number one consideration. Determine the range and the capacity so that you can make a decision of the amount you intend to spend prior to shopping. In case the price is not an issue for your case, then look for the premium quality grills. Additionally, there are various wonderful types of grills available in the market every year, therefore having an idea on the amount you intend to spend is going to assist you narrow down your search. When you are comparing the prices, check whether the brand that you have in your mind fits all your grill’s requirements. This might add some amount to the estimated budget; however, you are receiving what you paid for.

Which material do you want in your grill?

It is common that a grill that is made of a very good material goes at a higher price. In case you attempt to look from both the internet & stores, you will see the residential charcoal grills, stove top grills & gas grills which can run for high prices. There is just one reason for this, the material. In case you shop using a list of ideas for the material, you are going to quickly get a feeling of what is available out there.

Pick the proper size

A perfect barbecue begins with a perfect grill. Purchasing a bigger size though, is not always recommended when purchasing a grill. You are required to determine your grill’s size by the amount of food you intend to grill. Once you notice rows of grills when you are walking into a store, you will see that every brand claims to be the ideal choice, therefore start with the tips that you have prior to making your final decision. You also require considering the space that you are going to store the grill & the manner in which you are transporting your new cookware from the shop to your place of residence. Once you get the perfect grill that suits your needs, do not hesitate to purchase it.


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